About Us

IGS Systemmanagement is an ERP software company based in Upper Austria.

Since it was founded in 1987, IGS has established itself internationally with the development of customer-specific software solutions for all central business processes.

The Idea

IGS is the abbreviation for Intelligent Global Software, with which all commercial and operational areas of a company can be processed in a highly integrated manner – simple, intuitive and highly automated.

The Foundation

IGS is rooted locally in Upper Austria, but positioned internationally – with many language and country versions as well as efficient ERP software. This is based on IBM i and is configured precisely to the specific customer requirements.

What makes us exceptional

IGS sets standards in the real-time evaluation of company data – a benchmark that drives companies forward. Our IT solutions lead to success everywhere, in medium-sized companies as well as in large corporations.

The Philosophy

IGS carries the software in its name, as well as the competent consulting, the comprehensive support and the target group-specific training in its philosophy – a well thought-out concept that is built around the consistent commitment to customer focus.

What defines us

The Team

IGS is a bustling community. 30 highly qualified employees work in a constructive, goal-oriented and creative manner to create sustainable and efficient ERP software solutions for each individual customer.

The Stance

IGS means customer orientation across the board – flexibility, continuity and reliability are the strengths that our customers can count on.

The Scene

IGS is progress in action and this is also reflected in our office space – we have set up a chic, modern and above all inspiring think tank and developer workshop in an old farm.

The Atmosphere

IGS puts people first, not programs: This applies to our customers as well as to our employees, to whom we offer an enriching work environment in which they work constructively with colleagues.

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Introduction to IGS Management

Mag. Marc Weginger LL.M.
Siegfried Fritz
Klaus Wiesbauer
Authorised representative

Your contact for Sales & Marketing

Ing. Hannes Spießberger
Head of Marketing & Sales
You can find us at the following address

IGS Systemmanagement GmbH & Co KG
Dorfplatz 5
4533 Piberbach