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IGS Workflow and Document Management

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These two systems for workflow and document management are designed in such a way that they can be precisely integrated into the company structure and interact with the operational programs in a highly functional manner. Thanks to the innovative design, business processes, right down to complete electronic file creation, can be perfectly designed. The visuals are modern and displayed through a parameterizable user interface, which enables simple and optimised usability. All of this increases efficiency and reduces administrative costs – sustainably.

The following features distinguish IGS Workflow and Document Management:

  • Integration and interaction of operational program systems
  • Mail service, ScanWorkstation, drag & drop function (Word, Excel, …), document recognition (reading out XML files)
  • Intelligent print system (generation of documents, writable PDFs, XML files, …)
  • E-bill: ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, ebInterface (incoming, outgoing)
  • Audit-proof journal functions and security systems
Perfect, accelerate and secure business processes digitally

IGSMT®WF Workflow Management

IGS Workflow Management spans a digital, audit-proof network across all users and locations involved in a process. The necessary tasks – recording, clearance and approval – are carried out with the operational programs, right down to communication. The process-relevant documents are integrated in a decision-oriented manner thanks to the close interaction with document management. Labour-intensive, manual activities and processes are digitally systematised and subsequently processed in a performant and transparent manner.

WF features you benefit from:

  • Complete overview of all existing tasks and their status
  • Digitally led, tested and secured task routing
  • Parallel and serial access, role allocation and substitution rules
  • Audit-proof execution and documentation of the entire process
Digitise, combine and centralise company documents in an audit-proof manner

IGSMT®D Document Management

IGS Document Management is a technically versatile, easy-to-use archive, filing and document management system that integrates directly into operational ERP programs to enable drill-down to the digital document and the complete electronic file. The aim of the e-file presentation is to capture everything at a glance, by presenting the most important information in a structured manner using the cover function and the archived documents using a logical tree function.

DMS features you benefit from:

  • Electronic document processing and filing (e-mails and attachments, files, paper scans …)
  • Document preparation or creation (external and internal documents)
  • Digital, intelligent stamp
  • Various search, control and grouping functions

IGSMT®IPS Intelligent Printing System & E-bill

The integrated IGS printing system offers the possibility of graphically designing printouts using the latest XML technology. Business documents can thus be optimally adapted to company requirements. The preparation takes place on the basis of XML stylesheets.

Via an IPS functionality, the documents can be directly emailed to a mail address stored in the contact database or transferred to a workflow-supported checking process. Documents created with the IGS IPS are automatically indexed and archived for archive output.

The invoicing and filing of today is digital and intelligent. Well-known e-invoice formats such as ZUGFeRD, XREchnung, ebInterface can be created, e-mailed and stored directly as copies in the document management system via the IGS IPS. Incoming invoices in these formats are stored in the archive via the IGS mail service and the indexing is prepared in the incoming invoice workflow.

IPS features which you benefit from:

  • Integration into operational applications (finance, ERP)
  • Workflow-supported document control (orders, outgoing invoices, reminders …)
  • Automatic and standardised document indexing via XML files
  • Document converter for full text extraction and OCR recognition
  • E-bill to the federal government
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