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IGS Accounting, Controlling & Consolidation

Icon Rechnungswesen
  • Modern front end – IGS Graphical Workspace (autostarts, menu models, navigation tree, cross-client tabs)
  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Dashboard Models (management reporting)
  • Group accounting – Consolidation – Group Accounting
  • Integration of document and workflow management
  • Annual report generator and Excel connector (graphic models)
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IGS Custom Made Enterprise Resource Planning

Icon Warenwirtschaft
  • Advanced business logic with a modern and intuitive front-end
  • Central business case control via the IGSMT®X-Board
  • Interactive process management with workflow models
  • Integrated business case analyses
  • Sophisticated reporting system
It's so easy to have everything under control

IGS Workflow- and Document Management

Icon Workflow
  • Integration and interaction of operational program systems
  • Mail service, ScanWorkstation, drag & drop function (Word, Excel, …), document recognition (reading out XML files)
  • Intelligent print system (generation of documents, writable PDFs, XML files, …)
  • E-bill: ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, ebInterface (incoming, outgoing)
  • Audit-proof journal functions and security systems
It's so easy to keep track of things

IGS Business Intelligence, Personnel Management, Contract and Notice Management

Icon Business Intelligence
  • Area-specific dashboard models (for purchasing, sales, finance and production)
  • Business case analyses with drill-down, drill-up and drill-across functions
  • Multi-year comparisons, rankings, dual reports
  • Graphic models, traffic light functions, cubes
  • Annual reports (system generated)
  • Group reporting
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