ERP competence which is tangible - and stands the test of time

The well-known saying “never change a running system” may apply to some areas, but for a company’s ERP system it is a requirement that sooner or later paralyses the entire organisational structure. In the digital age, ERP software is the key to success – provided that its design is future-oriented, always state of the art and perfectly tailored to the requirements of the company. That is why we do not offer off-the-peg solutions, but a system that we tailor precisely to your company. With the ERP software from IGS you have the right tool to put your know-how to work for you.

Where we go from here:

Evaluation and software presentation

We find out what you need, you find out what we have

In several discussions and joint meetings, we take your wishes and suggestions on board and use our knowledge and experience to make suggestions for improvement. When we present our software, we do not present accomplished facts, but show you a number of new possibilities that we can make available to you. The idea behind our software is that you don’t have to adapt to a new system, instead the ERP is based on your processes.


We come up with a specific concept, you come up with clear ideas

Preparation is good, flexibility is better: On the journey towards the optimal system, we work with your team on the basis of our ERP software to develop the solutions that best reflect your needs and company-specific requirements. We come in to optimise, digitise and automate and we only leave when things are running the way you imagined. Promise.

Coordination and maintaining contacts

What we take to be customer orientation, you will experience as a harmonious collaboration

Our idea of efficient cooperation is based on personal contact, short reaction times and an uncompromising desire to find solutions. Whenever you come to us with a question or a problem, you will always have an appropriate person to contact either via phone or online. From consulting experts to programming aces down to the management, we take care of your concerns quickly and constructively.

Maintenance and further development

The completion of a project is not the end of the collaboration

The ERP industry is a world in motion. That is why the maintenance and updating of a system are important parameters of a future-oriented digitisation concept. We are happy to support you in advancing your company continuously and permanently when it comes to your system. The greatest reward for us is a customer who is satisfied with their success and who looks to the future with hope and anticipation – preferably with us at their side.

Mag. Marc Weginger LL.M.

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