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IGS Business Intelligence, Personnel Management, Contract and Notice Management

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IGSMT®BI Business Intelligence

The IGS Business Intelligence Tool creates the perfect foundation for success: On the basis of combined data from various sources, meaningful analyses are created, which are additionally illustrated using integrated graphic models. Thanks to IGS real-time reporting, you can quickly overview current developments and thus precisely align your planning for the company. The tool not only keeps an eye on the figures for the individual company, but also includes the relevant data for the entire group and thus shows the overall picture.

We have a multifunctional tool: With the IGS Business Intelligence Tool you have quick access to

  • area-specific dashboard models (for purchasing, sales, finance and production)
  • Business case analyses with drill-down, drill-up and drill-across functions
  • Multi-year comparisons, rankings, dual reports
  • Graphic models, traffic light functions, cubes
  • Annual reports (system generated)
  • Group reporting

IGSMT®PM Personnel Management

The IGS Personnel Management is divided into the areas of personnel controlling, paperless office and electronic personnel file creation and management.

Personnel controlling specialises in the clear preparation of all wage types at company or group level down to the individual with corresponding drill-down and drill-up functions. This preparation is integrated into IGS’ overall controlling in order to be able to accurately take into account the necessary “plan size employee” within the framework of the corporate goals.

In terms of the Paperless Office, we use workflow models for holiday requests, travel expense reports, business trips with private cars, requirement requests and training requests for digitisation.

The documents assigned to a person and the associated information and qualifications can be accessed digitally at any time via the electronic personnel file – for the entirety of their career at the company.

The following features distinguish IGS Personnel Management:

  • High-quality processing of personnel costs and data (absenteeism, sick leave, age structure, etc.)
  • Drill-down on the electronic personnel file
  • Workflow-supported process management
  • Electronic file creation via scan, mail, drag & drop, batch import
  • Integrated authorisation system

IGSMT®V Contract and Notice Management

IGS contract and notice management primarily protects sensitive contracts and notices and, through the integration of the operational modules financial accounting, asset management and controlling with mutual access, leads to significant added value.

Through a logical systematisation, this tool guarantees that every legal act can be easily recorded and consistently assigned. Using intelligent key words, legal acts can not only be found quickly, but also efficiently organised and managed. Ease of viewing is underpinned by a clearly structured platform.

All documents relating to a legal act lead to one digital file. Furthermore, any number of deadlines can be monitored and they can be worked towards with workflow support. The integrated authorisation system ensures the correct access.

The following features distinguish IGS contract and notice management:

  • Workflow-supported deadline monitoring and processing
  • Simple, digital management of all legal acts
  • Quick finding using various report models, full text search and tree display
  • Structured e-file creation
  • Image function
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