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Integrative, large-scale, systematic

The seamless digitisation of all areas of the company provides a perfect overview of the performance and development potential of the processes, on an individual level and also in terms of mutual interaction.
That is why our concept integrates primary and secondary processes equally and opens up interesting perspectives for our customers to increase productivity.
From inventory management to non-operational purchasing, from accounting to group billing, we map everything in one efficient system.

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We make the digital office suitable for everyday use

The best IT solutions are only as good as their benefits for the customer. Our approach is the compatibility of our workflow and document management system with the individual process requirements of each company. The continuous digitisation of processes is linked to a high degree of integration of operational programs. This means that employees become accustomed to working with the new system very quickly and find it leads to a significant reduction in workload.

We increase future fitness

Short process lead times, efficient cooperation between all business areas and a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to internally respond promptly to external changes are all essential factors for the future success of a company. The paperless office is also progressive and modern in other respects because it is sustainable – this affects data availability as well as the environment. Because when no more paper is used, nothing is lost: no data and no valuable natural resources.

We pay into your time account

The automation of routine processes in the operational and commercial spheres allows a focus on the management-relevant processes in the company. Our IT solutions encompass production, sales and finance and ensure efficient use of resources in all areas. The degree of automation of our book entry system achieves top values of over 95 percent – a reliable seal of quality for our book entry manager, but also the result of a sophisticated interaction with workflows. Reminders and business reports, for example, no longer have to be typed up by employees; they are generated automatically by the system.

We set resources free

Leaving the boring tasks to the algorithms means promoting the creative and complex skills of specialists. This benefits the company two-fold. Every employee can use their potential profitably for the company and is thus challenged in their job, which in turn has a positive effect on employee satisfaction.

Mag. Marc Weginger LL.M.

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