Anything but wooden processes

The Customer

Carl Götz GmbH ( is one of the leading timber wholesalers in Germany with 700 employees at 14 branches. The corporate group offers a comprehensive product portfolio for everything related to construction and housing with wood.

The Assignment

At Carl Götz GmbH, around 170,000 incoming invoices are processed with workflow support each year. The degree of automation in the financial accounting area is well over 90 percent. The cross-location planning process and the management of contracts and notices were mapped and optimised with the help of the efficient ERP software. For example, in the Corona crisis of 2020, many processes could be handled from home without any problems.

The Feedback

Due to a successful collaboration in recent years, those responsible in the accounting and IT departments continue to rely fully on the expertise of IGS Systemmanagement when implementing their digitisation goals. IGS has established itself as a valuable partner here.