Digital sweeties for the sweets giant PEZ

The Customer

Who doesn’t know the little sweets from the iconic dispensers: The original idea of Upper Austrian Eduard Haas III to offer smokers an alternative to cigarettes with pressed sugar and peppermint oil has become a world-famous brand of iconic significance. The elongated sweet dispensers, which have long since become collectibles, even appear in Hollywood films such as the recently released, Ant Man. What hardly anyone knows: PEZ ( is an Austrian company based in Traun near Linz. The second headquarters is located in North America and controls the market for the USA and Canada. Together, 70 million dispensers and 5 billion sweets are put into circulation from both locations every year. PEZ products are known in more than 80 countries around the world.

The Assignment

IGS Consulting has been working successfully with PEZ for years and scores highly in regards to its qualified contact persons in the implementation of necessary development steps. For the internationally active group, it was extremely important to increase the degree of automation using software that perfectly maps all corporate requirements as well as group structures and international connections in controlling. IGS provided the right solutions for this.

The Highlight

IGS migrated the existing system and implemented the automation and modernisation via its own financial system. At the same time, several international companies were consolidated. The group-wide standardisation of the reporting for the HB2 transition also made PEZ fit for the future. For the European production sites, IGS also standardised the controlling in order to make all business transactions within the huge company manageable.