Recycling company now also saves huge amounts of paper

The Customer

The Müller-Guttenbrunn Group (, based in Amstetten, Austria, includes several recycling companies in Austria, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, as well as a trading company in Switzerland. Altogether, the companies in the group recycle around 850,000 tonnes of waste per year and thus save 1 million tonnes in CO2 emissions. That corresponds to the annual emissions of a city with 130,000 inhabitants.

The Assignment

After a successful long-term collaboration in the field of accounting – here the IGS package, with the workflow integration, has been in use for a long time – the customer decided to convert the inventory management to the IGS ERP system and to adapt it to the special requirements of the recycling industry. All business cases should be consistently application-supported and as easy to process as possible.

The Highlight

All business cases have been integrated into the IGS-X board and can thus be processed centrally and parameterized specifically for the company. All contracts and contract deliveries for purchasing and sales can be easily managed via the X-Board. In addition, the scale system is connected and credit management is integrated. In addition, comprehensive reporting is now available to the customer. Another advantage: The production module clearly maps material flows and system times with simple book entries.